DAY 2 – 4 OCTOBER 2017, PM 
Digital Economy – Smart Cities and Digital Transformation  

Asia Pacific is a frontier of growth and development, having embraced disruptive trends in its journey to grow. This eco-system depicts an eclectic mix of cities. Today we are more connected than ever before. We use technology to enhance, share and control the world around us. Improved communication, participation and collaboration have increased with access to data and information for agencies, institutions and citizens. The Iskandar Malaysia Smart City Forum/ Digital Economy – Smart Cities and Digital Transformation offers knowledge sharing platform with the objectives to:   IRDA to promote smart and futuristic initiatives especially smart city, sustainable city, green city, future city, connected city and healthy city within Iskandar Malaysia IRDA to promote Digital Economy and Digital Transformation – offers startups an opportunity for global expansion, ready access to high-speed broadband and fibre-optic connectivity, funding and facilitation opportunities, a workforce-ready ecosystem, technologically focused and a holistic convenience and lifestyle experience In line with theme “Digital Economy – Smart Cities and Digital Transformation”, expected outcome of this forum is to share various solutions and applications of Internet of Things (IOT) and big data within smart cities and promote the global expansion of digital economy and transformation. Today’s cities are laboratories for technology, connectivity, networks and initiatives, driven by citizens and entrepreneurs together with government and institutions. This forum will bring together all these stakeholders under a single platform to envision and realize the concept of how smart and futures cities will look like.

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