4 OCTOBER 2017
2.00pm – 6.00pm,
Johor Conference Room II
Green Economy & Future Cities

The future of our cities depends very much on how we plan, develop, manage and track their development and expansion. Individually we do not have all the answers. But by bringing together researchers and scientists, policy-makers and implementers, and businesses and practitioners to talk about their expertise and experiences at this symposium, we believe we can learn so much. We have the opportunity now to reinforce our own approaches in developing our cities in this era of changing climate conditions and work out how we can manage our resources to make our cities and regions climate-resilient. Our invited speakers are truly experts in their respective fields, with wide experience on managing cities and making them sustainable. What we do in our cities (such as active recycling and reuse of resources) can make a huge difference on the costs of running them. Our city economy must therefore be green and robust and with citizens and visitors that are happy living in them.

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