Day 1, 3 OCTOBER 2017
4.00pm to 6.00pm, Johor Conference Room II
Halal Economy in Iskandar Malaysia

Ecosystem-based goods and services is an essential component of a sustainable Halal economy. The benefits derived from this underpins most local economies to provide cost-effective and sustainable essential services and jobs to cities and their communities. Resource-efficient cities will gain a competitive advantage in an era of shrinking local and global resources and growing global Muslim and urban populations.

Cities increasingly look beyond single technologies and rather at integrated infrastructure solutions, identifying possible efficiency gains through linkages, new operational and business models, as well as financing models.

Iskandar Malaysia has been showing consistent, quality growth in investment since 2006 and this growth trend is projected to continue. It has the necessary infrastructure, facilities and core industries in place to support the growing Halal products and services sector for prospective investors to explore. With improved connectivity with surrounding regions and countries, Iskandar Malaysia is able to play the role as a true Hub for Halal products and services.

This seminar will raise awareness on the significance of establishing a sustainable Halal economy and find common solutions and approaches towards the same aim.

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